More thoughts on John Kerry

There was one part of John Kerry's Convention speech that I cannot stop thinking about.

Third, close the tax loopholes that reward companies for shipping jobs overseas. Instead, we will reward companies that create and keep good paying jobs where they belong, in the good old U.S.A. We value an America that exports products, not jobs. And we believe American workers should never have to subsidize the loss of their own job.

There is more about this plan on Kerry's website.

I have a lot of problems with this concept. It is too hard to define when a company is keeping jobs here and when they send them overseas. Lots of companies, like the one I work for, have to do business with contract manufactures overseas. How much business can a company send oversees before they cannot get tax breaks. It sounds like he is going to open a new loophole.

There would no way any company could compete with foreign companies if we cannot take advantage of offshoring. Are we going to stop imports? If we do not take advantage of offshoring other countries will. That means American companies will fall behind. That means jobs like mine will not be here either.

In his convention speech Kerry also said:

We can do better. We can do better and we will. We're the optimists. For us, this is a country of the future. We're the can-do people. And let's not forget what we did in the 1990's. We balanced the budget. We paid down the debt. We created 23 million new jobs. We lifted millions out of poverty and we lifted the standard of living for the middle class. We just need to believe in ourselves and we can do it again.

I just want to remind everyone that the low unemployment rates during the 90's, especially in placing like Silicon Valley, spurred on Offshoring. Offshoring jobs is a direct response to raising labor costs and having a hard time finding qualified employees. If 2005 is like the 1990's we will see even more offshoring in the end.


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