Taking a Hatch to my computer

George W. Bush has not been able to turn me into a Democrat, but Orrin Hatch might be able to. According to the Mercury News, Hatch has said that damaging a computer "may be the only way you can teach somebody about copyrights." This is the first time I have been 1984 scared in a long time.

A friend asked me what was going to happen with the INDUCE Act. I can no longer predict what will happen with certain kinds of laws. The way law makers treat intellectual properties make no sense to me. I no longer have a good idea what will pass and what will not.

I think that copyrights has gone pass their original intent. They were designed to encourage writers to write by making sure they got paid for their work. They have gone to something that corporations protect so they always have a property to make money off of. The holders of copyrights would be better served by looking for new business models instead of being chained to their old ones.


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