The team no one else Loves

They say that Americans love underdogs. We love the good story that goes along with a hard luck team making it to the finals. We love to see teams play with all their heart even if they have no chance of winning. We love to take the hard luck losers and tell them it will be okay. Since all these things are true, I am trying to figure out why the rest of America does not love the Philadelphia Phillies.

I know lots of people who love the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox. People from all over the nations root for them and hope they can snap their long futility streaks. People want to see the Fenway Faithful dancing in the streets after they lay the ghosts of Babe Ruth and Bill Buckner to rest.

The Philadelphia Phillies are the losingest team in baseball history. They have only been to five world series in 120 years, winning only one of them. They are as hard luck as a baseball team can get. For a long time I could not realize how so many baseball fans could love the Cubs and Red Sox, but not care about the Phillies.

I realize that this is because people from outside Philadelphia do not like Phillies Fans. It has little to do with the team. Phillies Fans are seen as boorish, oafs. We are known as fans who booed Mike Schmidt and Santa Claus. There is a famous Bob Uecker tells about an Easter egg hunt. The Phillies fans were booing the kids who were not finding eggs.

No one around America want to see good things happen for Phillies fans. As a Phillies fan all I can say is, good. I would rather that the people who love my team be hard. I want to be able to boo people when they strike out looking. Philadelphia is not a city for the weak. I think that most people in Philadelphia like it that way.


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