Television and Me

I spent the last week not watching TV. I got back from Philadelphia and cable had not been hooked up yet. I did not miss watching TV. I can always watch it in the office. For a long time I have known that I watch too much TV.

The problem is that I need to watch TV for my job. When I tell people this they scoff at me, but it is really part of my job discription. I have to do at home testing which means that I have to watch TV. It is really important to know all the ins and outs of the product. They only way I am going to know those things is by using the products.

I know that I am going to leave TiVo someday. When that day comes I think I will leave TV behind me also. As much as I enjoy television, it is hollow. I feel that I keep on watching but I am not getting anything out of it. It is always there but it changes very little. Even the good TV shows are forgetible


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