Vacation Day 12

It feels like I have been on vacation forever and like my vacation is just flying by. Time feels really distorted. It is hard to keep track of what day it is. I know what I have lined up for what day, but I keep on loosing track on what day of the week it is. It is hard to remember what it is like to be at work. The days have been long and packed. I have seen a lot of people since I have been home. I know that being with people I have not seen in a long time makes the world spin a little slower.

I went to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell today. The Liberty Bell is in a much nicer building then it was when I left. I was happy to see so many tourists on the streets of Philadelphia when I was there. It always makes me proud that people from all over the world to see these landmarks.

They way people view history around Philadelphia is different then the way people view history in the Bay Area. There is so much colonial and civil war history in Philadelphia. History seems like a more positive thing. Almost all of California's history is about how America is a bad place. I think that changes the way people see the nation as a whole. I like being someplace where the history of this country seems more positive.


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