Vacation Day 13

I went to the zoo today with two of my sisters, nephew and niece. It has been forever since I have been to the Philadelphia Zoo. It might be as far back as elementary school. For a long time I have seen zoos as sad places. The animals never seem very happy. I am not sure I would want to be in the zoo if I was a polar bear or a giraffe.

It was fun to go to the zoo with my nephew. I could really see the world through his eyes there. The animals looked really special for him. My sister has a membership at the zoo so they have been there before. There are animals that he really likes. He refers to the turtles as his friends. I forget that children often see something special in the world.

The zoo seems so small now. When I was young it seemed to be massive. I know that is because the paths just wind through the zoo. It is a really easy place to get lost. I know that lots of places become smaller in adulthood. It is just the zoo is much smaller. The only place that is the same as my memory is the Polar Bar habitat

After the zoo we took a side trip to the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum. The Art Museum is most famous from being the place where Rocky runs up the steps and looked down at the skyline of Philadelphia. In the 20 minutes we were there 10 or so people must have done the Rocky Run up the steps. I had read once that the steps of the Art Museum draws more tourist then any one place in Philadelphia. It is strange the effect a movie can have on the way we view the world.

I went to dinner with another old friend tonight. I have not talked to this person in a long time. She just moved back to the area. I could tell that she was happy to be back in Philadelphia. I am not sure why she liked it more then DC, but I could tell she had enough of living there.

She wanted to know when I would be moving back to the area. I told her my thoughts about it being 10 years away. She was not too happy with that answer. She wanted to know what would get me to move back. I told her that there were three things that could get me to move back. Two of those things she could do if she really wanted me to move back. She could:

1. Find me a woman that I would fall in love with (of course the woman would have to fall in love with me also.)
2. Find me a job that I could not turn town
3. Help me with the Lottery.

She did not see like she was going to try to get on any of these things. It looks like I will still have to find my own way back to Philadelphia if I get there at all.


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