Vacation Day 15

Today we took our second trip to see the Phillies at the New Citizen's bank park. I just cannot tell people how much I love baseball. There are still lots of little things that are great about the game. Most of all, I love being able to share baseball with my family. It has been great to go to the games with my sisters. They both understand my love of the Phillies and my love of the game.

The Phillies came back late in this game. They Scored three runs in the 8th, a run in the 9th and won the game in the 10th. For the second time this season I have had the pleasure to see an extra inning game. My experience is that there are two ways people view extra inning baseball game. Hard Core fans see extra innings as a good thing because it is extra baseball. Everyone sees it as having to wait longer to get the outcome. Personally, I see it as a chance to maybe see something that has never happened before.

I was really impressed by how many people stayed extra innings. I know it was Friday night, most of people stayed to the end of the game. It would have been easy to the fans to give up hope, but the Phillies are in a pennant race right now. The fans want to see it happen.

The local paper did a story today about people heckling the visitors bullpen at Citizens Bank Park. The story had a whole list of heckles that have been shouted at opposing pitchers. The bullpen is right were anyone can lean over and yell at the pitchers. I Even came up with one of my own. "Hey [insert name of pitcher here], when your teammates started calling you gas can, it was not a compilment. I never got a chance to use it.

I am happy I took two trips to the ball park while being in town. I am not sure when I will get another chance to be here. Coming back to Philadelphia was a good choice for my baseball roadtrip this year. Now I know a little something about the home field of my favorite team. Hopefully they will be playing there in the post season.


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