Vacation Day 16

Lunch for my Mother's birthday, dinner at Mom and Dad's house, ice cream with the niece and nephew, and pinnacle with the folks. It seems like the vacation is wrapping up. I will be back in San Jose before I notice it. It seems like I have been here forever. I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again. I know that some people say home is where your heart is, but I think home is where you sleep in your own bed. I've had a good time here, but I need to get back to San Jose.

I went to the American Legion today with my father. I have been thinking about everything I learned from my father. My father taught me to be honest and moral. He taught me not to look down on people and not to feel that I am better then other people. When I was young everyone in our community told me how much they liked my father. I guess that helped me look up to my father when I was at the age when I thought he did not know anything.

Some times I wonder what my father would think of me as a person. I know he thinks I should be a little less of a slob. He thinks there are lots of parts of my life where I should work harder. I wonder if he is proud of the person I have become. I know that he thought I was wasting my life before I moved out west. Our relationship has become a lot better since then. I wonder what he thinks now. I know that I could never ask him this.


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