Vacation Wrap Up

Length of Vacation - 17 days
Trips to Philadelphia - 10
Number of times crossed into Philadelphia county - 17
Trips to New Jersey - 3
Trips other places - Harrisburg, Washington DC, Camden NJ
Amount of Media I am bring home - 2 DVDS, 2 CDs, 10 Comic books, 2 Books, 1 Map,
Pictures Taken - 1322
Number of Picnics - 5
Number of Baseball Games - 3
Major Siteseeing - Citizen's Bank Park, Penn's Landing, Campbells Field, Philadelphia Cityhall, The Kimmel Center, Love Park, The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, The Philadelphia Art Museum Steps, The Philadelphia Zoo, World War II Memorial, Korean Warm Memorial,
Philadelphia Favorites - 5 Cheesesteaks, 8 Slices of Pizza, 3 Hoagies, 8 Packs of Tastekakes, 2 trips to Rita's waterice, 4 Pretzels, and some yuengling lager to wash it down with.

Now that I'm back

My luggage did not get lost in Denver this time. I could not see my new apartment when I was landing in San Jose. My new apartment is only a $15 cab ride away from the airport.

Now I am back in San Jose it is right back into everyday maelstrom. I feel that I do not have the chance to step back and take a look at things. I need to start right back to work and everyday life. There are lots of things I need to think about, but I am not feel that I will have the time.


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