What my Heart tells me about 9/11

I have been thinking about the 9/11 Commission and their report that is coming out today. One of the questions everyone will have is could 9/11 been stopped? From what I hear in the media the report will say that steps could have been taken to stop it.

I think that we might have been able to stop the attack on 9/11 the same way we stopped the millinum bombing of LAX. The problem would be that we stopped that attack, but it did not phase Americans. We kept on living our lived like there was never a threat to us. That averted attack should have changed everything, but it did not.

If the attack on 9/11 would have been stopped, there would have been an attack of the same magnatute on another date. We would be talking about a different attack where different people died. It was the massive loses of 9/11 that really changed America. Without those changes we would have always been open to an attack. We would think that those things could never happen here.

I feel sorry for the people who loss family in the 9/11 attacks. That day will have an impact for a long time and it ways we have not even thought of yet. I just think that the attack had to happen before we changed the way we treat terrorism. In the end I am not sure 'Could the attack been stopped' is not the right question. The right question is where do we go from here?


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