Falling From Under Me

I broke a chair at work recently. I cannot count how many chairs I have broken in my life. That is the fate of a man over 400 pounds. I broke the most recent chair right in the middle of a meeting at work. One of the arms popped off. The meeting did not stop, but everyone looked at me. There was nothing that I could do but let them stair.

I have had some much worse public showing. I once broke a chair in a court room. I was being sued. It was the middle of sitting the jury the chair broke out from under me. The other person being sued settled the suit. I remember that the baliffs picked me off the floor before I could pick myself was there. I am not sure if this would have effected the jury.

I wonder what my friends and co-workers think when something like this happens. I notice the way when my friends react to my weight. Most of the time I try to not let on that I notice. Everyone seems to react in there own way. I can cannot tell what they are thinking.


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