Personal v. Public

One of my South Bay Blogger Crew, Fling93 asks if people want to read more about his personal life. He point to a blog about a miscarriage. The woman writes with engrosing detail and depth. I could not help buy cry when I read it.

My goal on Sad Salvation is to give the reader a view of me they can know. I try to mix personal, poltical, news, and what I think of the world. People who just read Sad Salvation might not really know me, but I want the readers to feel they might. I do not want to read about every detail about people's lives.

My goal was to write something like Me(ish). I find the best blogs are when I get a sense of the world the person lives in and what they think of the world as a whole. You might not be able to get to really know me through Sad Salvation, but you will get to know one version of me.

I am not sure I could post something like chezmiscarriage about myself. Many times I pull way short of this when I write. I know that my friends and family read Sad Salvation. I know that there are dark thoughts about the world. I do not want to worry the people who know me by letting all of those dark things out.

What do you come to read at Sad Salvation?


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