The Terabyte of me

The other day I came to the realization that I have a terabyte of hard drive storage in my apartment right now. I am not talking about how DVDs or CDs that I can store things on. I am talking about how the storage in my computers and TiVos that are currently set up in my apartment.

This really struck me. My first three computers did not have hard drives. Back in 1995 I could not imagine a computer having a terabyte of memory. It will not be long until computers come with a terabyte from the factory.

What does it mean to have a terabyte of memory? I know that .75 of this is in TiVo space. I only have that much space because I have to home test of for my job. That is more TiVo space then one person can actually use. I record lots of things that I never watch.

I wonder when I will actually have one terabyte of computer data. Right now I have about 250 GB of computer data. I worry I will have no way to manage that much data. Will a terabyte of computer data actually mean anything?


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