They Yoga of Writing

I have both a laptop and an desktop computer. In my new apartment I have set up an office since I have an extra room. I like not having my computer in my living room. I feel that my whole life is not in a single room. There is something really nice about that.

My only problem is that I have the worst time trying to write on my desktop computer. My monitor on my desktop is on eye level and my keyboard is wide. The whole set up is very open. I feel that I am always a good distance away from the words I am writing.

I have a much easier time writing on my laptop. I know I am less ergonomically correct when I use my laptop. I am facing down and my hand are much closer together. My shoulders are hunched at I use it. I know that my hands are in a worse position. It is still easier for me to write on it.

I feel it is about how my energy is focused. Using my laptop I feel like I am drawing myself inwards. I am shutting out the things around me. I feel like I can push myself into the laptop. I know very little about yoga, but it feels like I am controlling energy by the way I am sitting.

In the end it is a bad thing that I can only write on my laptop. I have an expensive desktop and an office to use. I have to be able to put them to good use. I need to figure out how to have the same feeling using my desktop that I have using my laptop. I am not sure how I will make this happen.


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