Favorite movies, Circa 1998

A conversation with a friend made me look for an old fine on myhttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif computer. At one time I had a job that gave me lots of free time. It was easy to make list of things when I worked there. One of those lists was of my favorite movies of all time. Back then I would go to about a movie a week.

I know that a new list of my favorite movies would be different. I wanted to post this list first. I know this list is different now. Some of these movies will fall way down. New movies will make the list. Some movies that did not make the list last time will be added. The change in the list is what really interests me.

I know that lots of people say they could never make a list like this. If you love movies you should be able to. If you are worried about the list changing, just date the list and say it was true on that day. I think making personal lists like this is a good thing.

I would love feed back on this list.

My 100 Favorite Movies (March 1998)

1. Casablanca
2. Citizen Kane
3. Annie Hall
4. Vertigo
5. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
6. Trust
7. Blazing Saddles
8. Taxi Driver
9. Goodfellas
10. Star Wars
11. Manhattan
12. The Producers
13. The Graduate
14. Reservoir Dogs
15. Secrets & Lies
16. 12 Monkeys
17. Dr. Strangelove
18. On The Waterfront
19. Akria
20. Gone With The Wind
21. Maltese Falcon
22. Chinatown
23. Millers Crossing
24. The Manchurian Candidate
25. Sherman's March
26. Modern Times
27. Airplane
28. Before Sunrise
29. The Jungle Book
30. Amateur
31. Brazil
32. Until The End Of The World
33. 2001
34. Rear Window
35. Cinema Paradincmo
36. The Big Sleep
37. The Killers
38. Network
39. Simple Men
40. Slackers
41. Short Cuts
42. Forrest Gump
43. High Noon
44. Crimes and Misdemeanors
45. West Side Story
46. Clerks
47. Raiders of The Lost Ark
48. African Queen
49. The Unbelievable Truth
50. Hard Day's Night
51. Sleeper
52. The Sweet Hereafter
53. Saturday Night Fever
54. Blue Velvet
55. Rocky
56. The Blues Brothers
57. In the Company of Men
58. Deconstructing Harry
59. The Last Picture Show
60. I Hear The Mermaids Singing
61. Man Bites Dog
62. History Of The World Part I
63. The Unforgiven
64. Die Hard
65. Rebel Without a Cause
66. Police Squad: The Naked Gun
67. The Big Bus
68. The Natural
69. When Harry Met Sally
70. Planet Of The Apes
71. Blade Runner
72. The Last Detail
73. Apocalypse Now
74. Yojimbo
75. Dead Man
76. ET
77. Do The Right Thing
78. Bridge Over the River Kwai
79. Jurassic Park
80. El Mariachi
81. The Conversation
82. It Happened One Night
83. Dr. Zhivago
84. Ed. Wood
85. The Piano
86. Field Of Dreams
87. What Happened Was
88. Smoke
89. Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1956)
90. Homicide
91. Heathers
92. Kicking And Screaming
93. The Rain People
94. Midway
95. Flirt
96. Fahrenheit 451
97. The Usual Suspects
98. Strangers On a Train
99. Guys and Dolls
100. The Road Warrior


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