Ghost of Nanowrimo Past

I finally let someone read my novel from Nanowrimo '03. I gave Peter a copy of The San Jose Post Bubble Dating Blues. For a lot time I was a fraid to let anyone read it. I thought it was honestly no good. At one point I felt like I was just filling up the pages with words and not much else.

Peter gave me a lot of good feedback about my novel. I have been feeling for a long time that I am not a good writer. I feel that I am not careful enough with words to be good. I know that I have poor grammar. I often use the wrong word. I am not sure that either of these things make good writing.

Peter told me that the idea and the story telling is good enough. He said that the grammar is like the body of a car. Some dents will have to be pounded out and other panels will have to be replaced, but it does not mean that the car is not worth working on.

Peter also encouraged me to be funny. He said that the novel was funny enough that I should keep writing humor. I feel that I can only really be funny about two things work and women. I think that I might need more to pull off a novel. I will have to find something to be funny about. It is all part of the challange.


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