How Long Have I Been Here

I have now been in San Jose for five years. Like all things in my life, it feels like it has been a really long time and a really short time. Five years means that I have lived here longer then anywhere, except for the town where I grow up.

I feel like there should be some way for me to commerate this event. I am not sure if other people mark the anniversary of how long they have been at a place. I am not sure if it really is something worth marking or not.

The real question is about the last five years. Right off the time, I feel that I have not changed or grown that much in that time. I know it is always hard for me to look at myself and see how I have grown. Most of the time I look at the past and think how little I knew. I do not think this is the same as growth. If I look hard I can see the ways I a different, but I still feel like the same person.

It is odd that I have spent the last five years in a place I never planned to be. I find that idea to be quite fitting in my life. I have not plans to leave here. I wonder if I will still be here in another five years.


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