Paint A Vulgar Picture

Courtney sent me the link about The Passion of the Morrissey. I told her not too long ago that I used to be a Morrissey fan. Along with my friend Andrew Nock, I was the guy who in college did a radio show during spring finals playing four hours of just Morrissey and the Smiths. I was the guy that would drive two hours to find an our of print single. My guess is that I am not going to surprise anyone by writing this.

It is funny. That was a long time ago. I had one of those moments where I could stop being a fan. A had been such a big fan for a long time, but it seemed to all wash away in a single moment. I still have some old Smiths and Morrissey albums. I still tell people that How Soon Is Now is my favorite song of all time. I just do not consider myself to be a fan anymore.

Sometime I will write about the time I met Morrissey and why I am no longer a fan. I will save that for some other time. What I do know is that Morrissey is all Aura. It was a little heartbreaking when I found out he was not the person on his albums.


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