The Party

The reason I came to San Diego was for Steve's birthday party. Steve was in a coma the last time I saw him. I drove to Fresno twice to see him full of tubes in a hospital ICU. I have been kind of broke lately, but it was worth every penny to see him again. I had talked to him on the phone and chated on IM. It is not the same as being able to say I saw him.

La, Steve's wife, threw the party because she said she knew it was a good thing to celebrate. I could not agree with her more. Everyone knows that Steve's accident and recovery has been hard on La. She is someone who worries to begin with. This is really the worst possible thing to worry about.

I had a good time at Steve's party. I spent most of my time talking with Steve's coworkers. I got lots of good work stories. Some of these are the kinds of stories that are good enough to be in a book. I think I will have to steal some of them.

Ot one point during the night Steve gave a toast. He said that he almost didn't make this birthday. He was happy to celebrate it with all his friends. Steve's toast ended up bring La to tears.

I cannot explain how happy I am to be able to see and talk to Steve after his accident. I do not talk to Steve all the time, but he is very important in my life. I am happy that I did not end up losing him. I can only think how La or his mother feel. I want Steve to know that there there lots of people at the party that feel the same way.


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