There is a woman down here in San Diego that I had a crush on the last couple times I saw her. I know that I did not have a chance because she was too busy having a crush on one of my other friends. He had no interest in her, so every time I pined for her, she pined for him. Not a good scene.

She moved back from San Diego after spending a year with her family back east. In that year she lost a lot of weight. Everyone at the party was commenting about how good she looked. He told us how men and women would do it differently. The men would say flattering things and leer at her. The women would say something nice and call over one of there friends from the other said of the party yelling, "look at how small her butt is now."

She said that before she went away she felt invisible. Now that she is a lot lighter she can see the attention that everyone is paying to her. This was a strange thing for me to hear. I was paying attention to her the last couple of times I saw her. Did she not see it or did she not count it because I was from out of town.


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