You call this a Revolution?

Before Napster became a household name and after the first Rio portable MP3 player hit the market I heard a lot of talk about how MP3s where going to change the music industry. It was going to change the roles of music labels. Artists would be able to get directly to the people. Much less money would get lost to the distribution channel. Listeners and Artists would have an easier time getting to each other.

It looks like that has yet to happen. labels still at the top of the money pile when it comes to downloaded music. While there is almost no duplication or distribution costs, these savings have not found their way to the artists or the consumer.

Since iTunes Music makes 'under 4 cents a song' it looks like all the savings are coming from the retailer. The labels are still making the same money without actually shipping the product.

There was even a study earlier this year that said file-sharing no threat to music sales. It looks like record labels are still doing what they do best, giving everyone else the short end of the stick.


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