Countdown to Election: Feeling like the Tampa Tribune

Today I read the Tampa Tribune choose to hold their endorsement, not granting it to either presidential candidate. The commentary is titled Why We Cannot Endorse President Bush For Re-Election: From The Tampa Tribune.

They really sum up a lot of what I have been thinking about about during this election. I have thought for a long time that where George Bush failed was with his post war planning. He had no good plan to in the peace in Iraq. If you are not going to win the peace, you might as well left Suddam as dictator.

I feel that the Tampa Tribune captures the concerns of Republicans who cannot get behind Bush. I am in that catagory. The Tampa Tribune is more consertive then I am. They still see many of the problems with George Bush that I see.

They also share my main concern about John Kerry. ...a senator for 20 years has no significant legislation to his name and voted against all of the major weapons systems that have made America the most powerful country in the world.

Now I have to decide who to vote for. I have to figure something out. If I have been thinking about this election for months I have to go to the polls. I do not think this election will be the end of the world. I know many of my friends think it will be. In the end, it will be just another election.

Now it's time for you to vote.

Voting is a matter of faith, since no one can predict what either candidate will do. Voting is a personal choice, one of the most personal things we do. We encourage you to look deep within yourself and choose the candidate you think most clearly represents your views.

Of one thing we are certain: America is the greatest country on earth and will survive, no matter the outcome on Nov. 2.


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