Countdown to Election: Getting out the vote

Lots of times I hear people say, "No matter whom you are going to vote for, go out and vote." I know why this is said. In an ideal world the more people involved with the process, the better the process would be. At least there would be fewer people complaining about the out come that did not do anything to change it.

I have a close friend who is always surprised when his liberal friends encourage him to vote. They assume that any smart and educated person would agree with them. They do not expect that he has very different political views then they do. If elections are about winning, then telling people who do not agree with you to vote is counter-productive.

I also know people that think not just anyone should go vote. If you are not going to take the time to know the issues and candidates it is easy to make the wrong choice. That is why I am not surprised when I read Matt Stone's comments on voting. "In a recent Rolling Stone magazine article, Stone mocked hip-hop mogul P. Diddy's 'Vote or Die' registration campaign, saying he didn't think 'uninformed' people should be encouraged to go to the polls."

I think that people should be involved in the election. I hate it when they only election anyone cares about is the President. Every two years you elect your Congressperson to the House. California is electing a senator this year. There are many local measures on the ballet in California. Many times local elections have a greater impact on day-to-day life then federal elections.

I do not agree with Matt Stone, but he has a point. People will shout him down now. That is bad. We should respect his voice like we will respect the votes of the uninformed.


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