Countdown to the Election: My Plan

I feel that I am between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, I am not happy with the first term of George W. Bush. I feel that Bush could have done a better job in Iraq. I think the his administration could have gone further in securing the country after major combat operations ended. When Bush announced the war plans these flaws were obvious. At the start of the war he did not ask for enough money or enough troops. I think the administration try to tell America it would be easier then it would. They broke the Powell Doctrine when they went in. They have yet to prove they had a better plan then the Powell Doctrine.

I think that America actually achieved their goal in invading Iraq. By going into Iraq Libya gave up the info on Dr. Kahn. Kadaffi did not want to be the next Saddam. Kahn turned out to be the person leaking Nuclear secrets to the world. I think we would find this when we went into Iraq.

I agree that the world is safer with Saddam out of power. I agree that he was an evil man. Taking him out was a very good thing. I just think they did not plan well enough.

There are other things that the Bush administration has done that I have not liked. I think that even before September 11th they have been too secretive. They are too punitive to the press. They make people us v. them. Right now America is more divided then it has ever been in my life.

I will say that changing the constitution to outlaw gay marriage is such a mistake. You do not use the constitution that way. No matter what you think of gay marriage, an amendment is not the way to change things. If outlawing gay marriage will not stand the muster of the current constitution we should think about why that is.

On the other hand, I am not going to Vote for John Kerry. I remember something from the Daily Show's coverage of the Democratic National Convention. There was a man that said he would vote for a Ham Sandwich before George W. Bush. He ended up getting just that. John Kerry is nothing but a Ham Sandwich.

After 20 years in the Senate and his name is not on one major law. I do not think that is anyway to be a Senator. He has a credibility problem with me. I do not trust that he was be able to deliver on any of his promises. I have the feeling that reality will strike his plans hard.

I do not trust his campaign. I really do not like John Edwards. I think that John Edwards speeches are an example of the worst in American politics. I heard him talk about stem cell research in a way that cures will be found within the first Kerry/Edwards term.

In some ways I feel like I get a pass on this. Living in CA the national republican party has written us off. Kerry will take this state by a big number. If I lived in a swing state, I might feel different. Since my

I know that I am closer to the center then you are. I want to see the republican party of John McCain, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Colin Powell. I do not think the Bush administration is headed that direction. I do not like the leadership of Tom DeLay. I see a connection between the Bush Administration and DeLay. The Shit that DeLay tried to pull in Texas is criminal.

Right now the republican party is dying in California. The far right of the party has so much control. It is choking the party. That is not the right party for this state. Arnold Schwarzenegger is lucky that the recall happened. I am not sure he would have been able to win a republican primary. I want more of a centrist republican party. I do not think George Bush will there.

My plan is to write in John McCain. I know that this vote will not have an impact on the election. People will not even notice my protest. I have no friends in the Republican Party leadership that will notice this. I still think it is important to do.


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