I watched the first Bush v. Kerry political debate. I made sure I recorded it so I could watch it at my leisure. After watching it I was really happy I did not rush home to see it.

Part of me was hoping that I would really be impressed by one of the candidates. I was hoping that one of them would give me something to vote for. I was hoping that I did not have to vote against a candidate. I was hoping for once in my voting life I would find a good reason to vote for a President.

What bothered me the most was that in a 90 minute debate both candidates had about 15 minutes of ideas. They just kept on saying the same things over and over again. I did not like this. I wanted more ideas. It did feel more like dueling speeches rather then a debate.

There are two more debates. I am not optimistic that those will be any better. I know that George Bush has given me enough reasons not to vote for him. I am just hoping that John Kerry can do enough to get me to vote for him.


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