NaNoWriMo Problem II

I am now worried that I cannot do justice to the title I have come up with. Right now my novel is going to be Prayers to St. Oprah. I do not have much more then a title. It is the story of an Oprah fan who things all of her problems will be solved if Oprah answers one of her letters. The problem is the close I get to this story the harder it gets to write. I am not sure I can do a good job. I am worried that I will end up making fun of the characters. I hate writers who make fun of their characters.

Everytime someone hears this title they tell me they like the idea. At first it was really encourging. I was drawn to it because everyone likes the title. Now it is starting to get scary. When people say, "that would make a very good book," I hear "any idiot could turn that into a good story."

One of the reasons I like the idea of Prayers to St. Oprah is because I think if you just put it in a book story, people would buy it. Part of me sees the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe that looks like Oprah.


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