Nanowrimo Problem

I have a problem with nanowrimo this year. At the Thank God It's Over party I did a reading from my novel. I got lots of complements for it. I felt like I wrote something good. Even this year I people have given me complements about it. It makes me blush a little when I hear people say anything like this.

My problem is that I am not sure I have something this good in me this year. This year I am going to try going off the cuff the whole time. I am picking a story that will be fun to write. It is a story that I can play around with. I want to experiment. I am worried that it will not lead to something that would be good for a reading.

This is a pressure I was not expecting. Last night I was at the kickoff party. It was at the same place the Thank God It's Over party was at last year. It reminded me how I want to do a good job with my novel. I want at lease a part of it that I can read to other writers. I am not sure what this part will be. I will have to view this as a little pressure being good.


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