NaNoWriMo Tip 1

I know that people do all sorts of things to get ready for National Novel Writing Month. I think that I did a couple of things last year that really helped me finish. The first thing was how I prepared. I decided to pick a broad topic. My novel last year about about dating in Silicon Valley.

Once I had my topic, I collected a list of little stories and gags to write about in my novel. My goal was to make sure I had 100 little stories by November 1st. At the very least I could write 500 words about each of my 100 little stories. That would get me to my goal if I needed to.

The list of stories included:

How a bad kiss can kill a date
Sexual scavenger hunt at the office
How to tell when it is really a date
Bomb shelter sex
Burying yourself in work when you can't get a date
Guy who picks girlfriends by what company they work for

This was really useful when I hit a writers block. When I would get really stuck working in one of these stories would really help me. It also helped me plan out my story. I usually had a good idea of where I went next. I think this is a pretty good tip


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