NaNoWriMo Tip 2

I think that it is really important to go to the write-ins if you are hoping to finish NaNoWriMo. I think that I would never had finished my novel if I were not around other people when I was trying to do it. I did not do all my writing at the write-ins, but he helped a lot. I think there are reasons it helps.

1. Encouragement

There are so many people around telling you "yes you can do it." It really helps when other people believe that you can do something as crazy as write a novel in a month. The other people at the write-ins really want to see other people finish. When it gets hard, and it will get hard, there are people around who want to see you succeed.

2. Fun

I have lots of fun sitting around and writing with other people. I know the image is people sitting around with their heads in their laptops. You really get a lot of interaction. There are a lot of in jokes that come from people sitting around. There are a lot of things that get said or done that people really remember. Many times you will get a "that is so going into my novel" moment.

3. Getting past blocks

When you are with other people it is really easy to get past writers blocks. Often I need to talk out my ideas so I can figure out where they are going. There are people around that I can bounce these ideas off so I can get past these moments. Being able to get past this blocks quickly keep me on track. I do not stumble around for hours on end without being able to get out of my plot hole.

4. Competition

As much as other NaNoWriMo writers want to see other people finish, we do not want them to finish first. There is a nature of competition there. It is just enough where you want to show that you are just as good as everyone else.

5. Sticking it out

There are lots of times when I just felt finished. I just felt like I did not have more words to write. I felt like I just wanted to leave a write in and go home. I look around and there are other people writing. There are still people there. If I had not hit my goal for that day, I am going to stick it out. Being around these other people who are getting it done makes me stay with it. It is a big help.


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