Travel-blog: Home

I am tired. It is the kind of tired that I only get when I travel. It is a mental but not physical tried. For the fifth time this year I have left for the airport before dawn. This year has been all about the early flight.

Flying really takes something out of me. I am always tried when I am done flying. My body just freaks out when I land. Most flights I break out in a cold sweat during the landing.

Now I am so tried, I cannot sleep. My body is a little out of wack. My mind is too out of it to do anything. I can barely write this now. My head is killing me. Today is a total waste for anything but sitting around. I wish I could fine what it take to do more.

I used to think people were whining when they complained about having to travel for work. I used to think that they did not see that travel is really something special. I used to think I would take a job like that in a moment. Now that I am older, I understand how traveling for work is not as fun as traveling for yourself. You do not always get the chance to see the city you are in. Often it is just work and hotel rooms.

Today I was really happy to get back to my apartment. It really felt like I was coming home. It felt a great sense of relief when I got to my apartment. This is another example of San Jose feeling like home.

Taking this trip does make me want to travel for myself more. I would like to go more places that I have not been to before. I want to spend more time exploring. I want to see more of the world.

I wonder what I am missing in the Bay Area. Are there places here that I should be seeing? Are there places that I would love if I viewed them like a traveler? I know that I need to look around with my spare time.


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