Travel-blog: Notes from a place that is not mine

  • There is something about putting a woman in a toga. She automatically becomes more attractive. It is just a hard thing to describe. I guess I am just a sucker for a toga. I am not trying to degrade these women. I am just saying there is something sexy about Togas.

  • I have become a California bar snob. I hate going to bars where people are smoking. I hate coming home smelling like smoke. I know that it would be harder to go to bars if people were smoking around me. We went to a bar where the air was hazy with smoke. I wanted to just run out of there.

  • For a city that I have been to a bunch of times, I have no clue how to get around Albuquerque. There are towns that I have been to much less often that I know how to get around.

  • The state motto of New Mexico is Land of Enchantment. One guy I knew here used to call it the land of entrapment. I look at some of the people I know here. I can see how that is true. I wonder if it is true for other places.
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