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Lately I have been thinking of travel as a need. It is not one of those first level needs that will keep you alive like water, air, or food. It is one of those second level needs. I need to travel in the same way that I need to write, need music, or need to meet new people.

What I know that I learn things when I travel. I am pushed in ways that only travel pushes me. It is not about enjoying myself every second. It is about standing in lines, trusting that other people will live up to their word, and not getting everything my way. I have to be patient and deal with the world as it presents itself to me.

I was standing in the Oakland airport on Tuesday thinking about how I did not want to go on this trip. On Monday I had the chance to wimp out. I had the perfect chance to say I was not feeling well. In the end my sense of obligation won out. I said I was going to take this trip, I need to live up to those commitments.

I know lots of people who only have time for things that they enjoy. They only want to do things they can control. They say things like, "why would I want to stand in line at an airport." I think those people sell themselves short. I think we can learn a lot from things we do not want to do. They treat their lives like they are a child that only want to eat candy. In the end you need other thing to feed your soul.

This trip was not easy, but I am still happy I came on it. I think I got a lot out of it. In the end is served me well to get out of my comfort zone. I must remember to do these things more often.


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