How many people will Leave

In the last two days I have read a lot from people who have said they are looking to leave the US. Everyone has stated Bush's re-election at the reason to abandon America. Most of them feel that America has abandoned them politically. They might as well leave.

I spent most of November 3rd IM'ing with a friend telling him running is not the right idea. If you run, what you are running from might catch you wherever you go. What happens then, will you run again. I think that any person who thinks America is going the wrong way should stay and fight. That means you need to do more then just vote. You have to get involved in the system. My friend told me that it is not his responsibility.

I wonder how many of my friends will actually leave the country. How many of them will decide that it is better to be anywhere but here? How many of them will carry through with it? My guess is that it is not an easy process to move to another country. It is not like moving to another state in the US. I heard a quote from Canadian Minister of Immigration Judy Sgro saying that there will be no express lane for Americans wanting to move to Canada. You will have to wait in line like everyone else. I am not sure people leaving the US will we accepted with open arms anywhere.

Is this all talk or will some of my friends go? Does anyone have any real plans to leave?

The funny thing is that I'd love to work outside the US. I have thought about looking for a job in Europe ever since I visited there last October. The difference is that I would not be moving to get away from the government. If anyone has a job in Prauge for me, drop me a line.


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