Christmas Feelings

People get down on Christmas all the time. The whole commercial aspect of Christmas has gotten out of hand. People kill themselves looking for gifts, baking cookies, decorating, and making sure that they get Christmas just right. My Adbusters reading friends use Christmas as the example of everything that is wrong with American capitalism.

The connection between capitalism and Christmas has gotten me down in the past. Any year someone is low on money Christmas can make them feel like a failure. You are not living up to what they world says you can be.

For years I have been saying that this is not The fault of Christmas. I thought that this is just part of capitalism. If people were not giving each other gifts for Christmas, we would be giving them out for the 4th of July. The Holiday season is just want we need our economy needs to keep it alive.

No I doubt the idea that if it was not Christmas we would be giving each other gifts some other time. Think think there is something specific to Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere. I know I do not live some place that get snow, but there is a rainy season here in the bay area. I think that giving gifts is an important way to mark the end of the year and you relationships. I think that is why the Christans stole it from the


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