The future of photos

I was at a garage sale talking with Kevin about Cameras. I told him that I vowed never to use film again. I am not a good photographer. I feel that film is a waste of my money. I like digital because it lets me take as many bad photos as I can.

Kevin is a photographer. He told me that there is a great cultural loss with digital. As long as digital photo just stay on hard drives and CDs people will never rediscover those photos. There is a difference between a digital photo and a printed photo.

Right now people are finding old boxes in garages or attics, opening those boxes and finding photos. For many people it is like finding a hidden treasure. Photos are a tangible link to the past.

After tornados and hurricanes I always here stories about people who set up photo exchanges. You will see a church hall or a gym filled with tables. All of those tables are covered with photos. It is more then just photos, it is people's lives. Photographs are always at the top of the list of things that cannot be replaced.

I told Kevin how it too my Mother and her siblings a week to go through all of my Grandfather's photos. He told me a story of someone sending a picture to his mother from a news paper. We all have these stories about seeing a photo and being transported to the past.

In the past couple years the world of photography has really changed. I think the next real revolution in digital photos will have to be around home printing. When people can really print out nice pictures at home we will see another change. For now all of my pictures are still on my hard drive.


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