What am I holding onto?

On the way back from my Aunt and Uncle house Christmas night, I was driving past Berkeley. Driving past Berkeley make me think of a friend of mine. She is about my age and she went to School at Cal. She holds on to her Berkeley days very tightly. She is not afraid to tell me that it was those days that made her who she is today.

Sometimes I think she holds on to those days too tightly. She was does not want to admit to the ways she has grown since those days. It might be hard for her to see that the time since Berkeley has made more of an impact on her then those undergrad days. I feel that she does not want to lose who she was then, even if it retards her growth now.

Thinking about this makes me think of myself. I am wondering what I am holding onto that I should let go of. I am wondering what I think is true about myself that is no longer true. What lessons am I overlooking because I cannot get into the present? What things are not as important as I think they are? Do I run crossing the line between letting go of things and losing myself if I let my past be the past?

If you think you see what I am holding onto too hard you can drop me a line.

What do you think you are holding onto that you should be let be in the past?


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