2004 Quick Summary

Here is my 2004 review in no real order

Moved to a new apartment. Visited my family for two weeks in the summer. Day trip to Washington D.C. My dad's car brokedown on my drive to Harrisburg. Visited Vancouver BC for the first time. Visited Seattle and Portland on that trip. Wine Tasting with Chris. Did Nanowrimo for the second time. I did not successfully complete my picture every day project. Bought a used car. Saw A baseball game at the Phillies new Stadium. Five year anniversary at TiVo and in San Jose. Saw the last Montreal Expos game in San Francisco. I finally saw the Phillies win in San Francisco. Drove to Fresno to see Steve in a coma. Flew to San Diego for Steve's birthday to celebrate his recovery from his coma. Jeremy came to town for a couple of days. Went to Albuquerque for work. Added RSS feed to Sad Salvation. Took part in a 'pose with your toaster' movement.


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