2005: The Year of Anger

It would be an understatement to say there is a lot of anger at George Bush. My view might have to do with living in the deep navy of the blue states, but I keep on seeing anger. It is not hard to find blogs angry with Bush. Personally I am seeing it all the time.

I have the feeling that 2005 will be about everyday people being angry with George W. Bush. I think the election did nothing to calm this anger. If it did anything, it made it worse. Not only are people angry with the adminstration. They are also angry with the people that would put that adminstration back into office.

I am seeing the anger fueled in the blogs by the idea that the mainstream media is not paying attention. The mainstream story is only skimming the surface on everything that is going on. The people writing these blogs want to see the media really go after Bush. Some of them think that if the media goes after Bush everyone else would see the truth also.

I am projecting that the anger is not going anywhere. People who are angry with Bush now will be angry with him at the end of 2005 also.


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