Best Day of 2004

A few years ago Jeremy told me about that he tried to keep track of his best day during the year. He likes doing it because it tends to keep him living in the moment. It is good to appreciate your life while you are in the middle of it. I will agree with him that is hard to do sometimes.

The best day of the year was the 4th of July. I spent the day with my family. I went to the Swim club, had a cookout, swapped storied, and enjoyed the company of people that I do not get to see often enough. I did not worry about anything that day. I just was myself. It is great when that is enough for a day.

The best moment was at my birthday party. A Sugar Hill Gang song was playing on turntable. Armando and Peter were rapping to that song. It was amazing how good they were doing. After that Peter did an incredible freestyle rap. That moment felt like a special gift to me.

Honorable mention:

Steve's Birthday Party
Stanley Park in Vancouver BC
Seeing Wilco Play live in San Jose
My Birthday Party
Cookout with the Conrads
Trip to the Philadelphia Zoo
First Game at Citizen's Bank Park
Daytrip to Washington DC.
Seeing Jim his Harrisburg

The best days from
and 2003.


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