Growth of Music

For the last year I have been keeping track of my music collection on my computer. With iTunes it is really easy to keep track. It is no effort at all to obsess over my music collection. There are so many things you can keep track of. I will admit that I have engaged this obsession by making a spread sheet and updating it every month. It is interesting to see how and when my collection grows. Here are some of the state from last year.

Number of Songs Jan 1, 2004 - 28206

Number of Songs Jan 1, 2005 - 36026

Total Songs in GB '04 - 132.74

Total Songs in GB '05 - 158.99

Total Playtime of all songs '04 - 78 Days 4 Hours 31 Minutes 4 Seconds

Total playtime of all songs '05 - 99 Days 1 Hour 7 Minutes 27 Seconds

Songs 0 Play Count in iTunes '04 - 19390

Songs 0 Play Count in iTunes '05 - 24067

In the age of CDs all you could usefully know was how many CDs you had. It would take a lot of work to know what the total playtime of those CDs were or how many songs all of those CDs had. I think now there is a whole subculture that pays attention to these kinds of numbers. I know that I am not the only person paying attention to their collection in this way.

I do not think this kind of attention will change the music industry at large. It also will not change the average music fan. My bet is most of them will not pay any attention to these numbers at all. I do think it will effect the kind of people who are depicted in the book and movie High Fidelity. Right now, somewhere on Live Journal there is a thread about this very topic.


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