iTunes, Apples, and Anti-Trust

I read in the news today that iTunes user sues Apple over FairPlay DRM. (Slight edit) The problem is that if you buy a song with iTunes, without changing the file the only portible device you can use is an iPod. This same issue extends to Airport Express. You can only use an airport express to stream protected AAC files.

I think that Apple is following the wrong business model. In the end trying iTunes and iPod together is a huge risk. They are not doing what is right for the customer. I think they might miss opportunities by doing this.

All that being said, I am not sure this is a case for an Anti-Trust lawsuit. There are other MP3 players you can buy. There are other places on the web to buy music also. I think that Apple is well within its rights to protect its business in this way.

I think there is a problem that there are some services where they are the only place electroincly to buy an album. I think that any album that can be bought on CD should be avalible from any electroinic music service. Right now no one can stop me from opening a music store. The same rules should apply to the on-line world. That is a case we should be looking at.


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