New Years Resolutions

I did not make any New Years Resolutions for 2004. I felt that I had to take the year off because I did not do a good job with my Resolutions in 2003. I do not have any resolutions to look back on and judge. There is at least one way that I can call 2004 a success.

I am not going to make any resolutions this year either. I am doing it for a different reason this year. I have goal for 2005. I have things that I want to try and do. I just do not think those things are measurable in the same way that resolutions should be. My goals for 2005 are abstract and personal. At the end of the year I might not be able to tell if I achieved them or not.

I know that immeasurable goals are not always a good thing. If my goals are not dependent on out comes why make goal at all? I think the reason is that just because we achieve our goals in life, it does not mean we were successful. I want to spend more time in 2005 finding my way in life. I do not want to be held back by having resolutions that will not help me in the end.


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