Rebirth of the Monkey Fist

I have been thinking about reinvention, my writing, and weblogs for a while. Recently Courtney started up her new weblog, End of the Tour. This got me thinking a little bit.

I am not ready to ditch Sad Salvation just yet. I think that I still have too much invested in this blog to turn it over just yet. When I read old entries I can tell that it changes without even trying. I know I need a stronger change, but getting rid of Sad Salvation is not it right now.

I have decided to give a rebirth to Super Karate Monkey Fist. It is going to be my new entertainment blog. I want to write reviews of movies, TV, and music, but I am not sure they make sense for Sad Salvation. I do not know if all the Sad Salvation readers want to know what I think of the Village. If they do they can read it at Super Karate Monkey Fist.

I hope you take the time to check out Super Karate Monkey Fist. This might even be a chance to do a group blog. If you are interested in writing about entertainment tell me and maybe we can figure something out. I think it might make a good group project.


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