What did the protests mean?

I am sorry to see that the counter-inauguration protests fell one person short. I know that we would be living in a different world if that extra person would have been there. If he was there the world would know how much some people hate George W. Bush. He would have really showed all of those Red Staters.

Seeing this in the Onion reminded me of an idea I had the day after the inauguration. At the time I did not know what the protests meant. I saw a protester quoted in the paper saying that she was there to send a clear message to the rest of the world that there are Americans who do not stand behind the President. I am not sure that the protests gave that message.

I am not sure that the protest gave that message. I am not sure the protest gave any message other then "we are pissed off!" I am not sure how much that message is worth. I think that after the last election we know that people are pissed off.

I feel that most protests are currently not effective. This protest got a lot of media coverage. Watching NBC during the inauguration they showed footage of the protesters when they thought something interesting was going to happen. During the speech they showed a lot of people getting hauled out.

Watching the coverage this protest got it seemed like vanity. It was at least as much vanity as the inauguration was for the republicans. I do not think those protests changed anyone's mind about anything. From what I could see, people were protesting to make themselves feel better.

I know the point of protest is to get a message across. I do not find the message "I hate George W. Bush" that valuable. I think that most protests right now have this problem. Whatever the message is, it is getting lost. There are so many messages coming from these protests that they all become noise.


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