Citizen Journalists and bloggers

I am not a Citizen Journalist, I am a Blogger. I make no pretense that Sad Salvation is anything more then a weblog. I think it is a little more then just an on-line diary. While I write about myself, I also try to write about what I see in the world. My goal is to write commentary about what I read and what I see.

I am not going looking for stories. I am doing any investigating. I am not working to dig up information. I am not working to find out the future products of my favorite company. I am not taking disparate pieces of information on the internet and connecting them. I am not doing anything that make journalism.

I will admit that I do almost on fact checking. The important thing about my blog is what I think about what is going on. I try to present facts as I know them. I try to get things right. I try to link a story on the web that will give the full details of what I am trying about. If I get facts wrong, please contact me and I will work to correct my errors.

I was think about the Sad Salvation operating principles survey on MegaZone's LJ. The survey asks if you tell the readers what they should expect. I wanted to make sure I told my readers what they should expect from me.

I also want to make it clear that I have nothing against Citizen Journalists. I just think they are a small percentage of the blog world. I think that we are a far away from every blogger being a Citizen Journalist. I am not even sure if that would be a good thing.


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