The Coffee Shop

I write much of Sad Salvation in coffee shops. Between the times I am meeting with friends and the times I am going on my own, I am usually at coffee shops three or four times a week. Everyone close to me knows how often I hang out at coffee shops.

One of my co-workers asked me why do I do this? What is so special about coffee houses? When he sees people reading or writing in a coffee house he always things there is something snobbish about it. I like coffee houses because I can away from all of the other distractions in my apartment. At the coffee shop there is no pile of dishes needing to be cleaned. I do not think about my stack of unwatched DVDs. At the coffee house I do not get half way through writing something and get pulled away.

The coffee house also has a different set of stimulus. I see things there that I would not see at home. I over hear bits of conversation and that gives me ideas. I cannot control what is going on around me and that is a good thing. At times I am forced to focus so I am not spending all my time looking at someone.

Bad part is now I cannot seem to write at all in my apartment. I have to be someplace else to get anything done. Now I go to the coffee house becuase it is an easy place to get writing done.


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