Favorite Things

I am going to run a bunch of 100 list on my blogs soon. I thought I would start with the classic. About 15 years ago Jeremy asked all of his friends to come up with a list of their "100 Favorite Things In the Universe." He did a whole zine about it.

I have been doing one from time to time since then. I have been sitting on this one since March 2004. I think it is still try for me now. Part of the fun is to see how they change over time. Here is an older list.

words, books, my iBook, movies, baseball, MP3s, my bed, dreams, music, blank pages, notebooks, photos, ice cream, movie theaters, comic strips, zines, museums, cartoons, pens, landscapes, beer, city streets, postcards, good shoes, comic books, walking, writing, conversations, coffee houses, blogging, digital photography, travel, sleeping, taking pictures from tall buildings, parties, living alone, naps, driving, touch, hanging out, NaNoWriMo, Prague, Philadelphia, Portland, South Bay Weblogers, Live Journal, Sad Salvation, NPR, apples, pineapples, baseball stadiums, potatoes, public squares, corn on the cob, coffee, water, funny stories, red wine, blogs, my apartment, clean socks, lazy Saturday afternoon, cities, airports, sculptures, Blogger, laughter, automatic doors, history, gadgets, pictograms, short stories, firm handshakes, street signs, conversations about religions, family, friends, story tellers, my parents, memories, cable television, seeing people's tattoos for the first time, well used language, jokes, flirting, conversations with smart people, turntables, e-mail, self portraits, cheap art, cameras, coffee, hotels, novels, Vinyl LPs, wireless internet access, pictograms, going places for the first time, public art, 100 favorite things lists,


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