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I tested the battery on my iPod mini today. I have had it about 11 months and started to worry about the battery life. The battery indicator seemed to be getting low quicker then before. I wanted to do a real test to see if I had a real issue or if it was my perception. According to the a

Here were the steps I took:
  • -Yesterday I ran my iPod until the battery totally ran down. I got the no battery icon on the unit.
  • -This morning I charged the iPod for a full 4 hours. I waited for the charge indicator to stop.
  • -Loaded a 12 hour playlist onto my mini.
  • -Made sure the backlight, shuffle and EQ were set to off.
  • -Started to play my test play list.
  • -Set the button lock on the iPod to make sure I was not skipping any songs.
  • -Played the playlist until my iPod was out of battery again.
  • -Made a smart playlist to see how many songs were played from the test playlist.

    This is the right test to run to figure out your battery life. It is really hard to calculate how much life you are getting out of it when you keep stopping and starting the player. Most of the time people complain about how long it last, they do not take this into account. This is why the average user thinks they are not getting as much battery life as they should.

    According to the Apple website the battery life for an iPod mini is 8 hours. In my test I was able to play my iPod mini for 7:45 minutes. I am pleased with the life I am getting out of the battery one year after buying it.
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