The New Living Alone Pt. 2

I was chatting with a friend the other day and we started to talk about hobbies. He most of read my other post about not having any outside demands on my time. I told him that I do not have any real hobbies. He told me that I should get some.

Some people might say that Sad Salvation or NaNoWriMo are my hobbies. I am hesitant to call writing my weblog a hobby. I know it is a hobby for some people. The people who can claim their weblog as a hobby write with a greater focus then I do. They weblog is usually an extension of something else in their life.

For me my weblog is mostly about the things I read on the web or things I notice in the world. It I called reading things on the internet a hobby I might as well call watching TV a hobby. I would need to get a hobby and start writing about that.

For some reason things to not hold enough of my attention for me to turn it into a hobby. I have never been about to hold to that kind of obsession. I am not sure why this is. Neither of my parents had hobbies. I wonder if I just do not understand how it would fit into my life. I think that I might be too lazy also.

People tell me that should take up a hobby to meet more people. The problem is that many times when I do something in a new group of people I feel isolated. I have a hard time finding that place that I connect with other people. I end up being very fustated and leaving feeling worse then when I came. I end up dropping that activity

Peter has offered to teach me to play guitar. I would like to learn about music. I love music, but I feel I have no musical talent or knowledge. I think that might be a good thing to develop. I think that recording might be an interesting hobby. Right now my lack of musical knowledge ends up making everything I record sound like junk.


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