Why do we care about brand anyway

Yesterday there was a list of the world's most influential brand that kept on flying around. It got enough attention that the web site with the actual list is down. The joys of being slash/dotted. If you were wondering, TiVo came in at number 17.

I am not sure what the list really means. I hear people all the time talk about building a brand. The idea is that since I like my iPod and I like my iBook I will like anything Apple makes. I am not sure I trust that idea. I am not a big fan of brand. It is brand that lets company charge more money for a crappy product that everyone else is selling.

The worst thing about brand is how companies change the idea so hard. It seems more important then putting out a good product. Companies want to make a product that people can identity with and use as part of who they are. If you are a brand, you should be able to bring that "Brand Identity" to other product. This protects you from any shifts in the market. Just look at the Virgin brand. I know that is hitting a home run in terms of brand. I think that some companies should work on the product first and work on the brand later. Some of the problem of the dot.com bust was companies chasing brand instead of offering a service that was useful.

I do not want to live my life via brand marketing. I do not want someone to be able to put me in a category because of what I buy. I am not trying to express myself in the things I buy and use. I want to be brand free as often as possible. It is not always easy. You can find at lease on brand logo on this blog. I guess that is all part of the game.


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